Journeys:1900/2000 was commissioned by curator, Alison Nordstrom for the traveling exhibition, Voyages (per)Formed It premiered in August, 2000 at The Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University where it was created in residence. It then traveled to the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida and opened at Boston's Photographic Resource Center in November, 2001. It was part of the 2002 Fotofest in Houston, Texas during the month of March, 2002.

Journeys:1900/2000 is an interactive installation about a journey in which the viewer is complicit and it cannot occur without their active engagement. Using bend and touch sensors imbedded in a reproduction of a 19th century travel album, video and audio is triggered as the pages of the album are turned. I have constructed an album which is composed of fragments of memory, pieces of voyages, and bits of history, taking single images from various existing albums, reproducing and recontextualizing them to create a voyage of my own devising. Each of these fragments is enhanced by video and audio which may support, amplify or contest the visual information we are receiving from the photographic print on the album page.

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