There is no way this project would have happened without the incredible help of four people in particular who all worked way above and beyond the call of duty. First, my partner and collaborator in all things, Ed Fickbohm inspired and conspired, rode and rowed, glued and screwed, drove, walked, and climbed mountains with me, and I am eternally grateful for all his love, help, patience and support. Patricia Clark, Videographer,Video Editor, and Media Lab Manager at Institute for Studies in the Arts (ISA) at Arizona State University where I had a funded residency to produce this project, was always available with great answers to all my problems, whether we were in the editing room, shooting in the field, searching for a lost cable, or just dealing with stress and deadlines. She is definitely the glue that held me and the entire project together. Robb Lovell, programmer extraordinaire wrote all of the code that drives the interactivity and made this thing actually work. His hours of coding and debugging will be long remembered and appreciated, and I will always think of his skills as just a bit akin to magic. Kip Haaheim, director of the Electro-Acoustic Music Lab at the University of Arizona (where I teach), spent many hours in the studio recording, editing and composing the audio that is such an integral part of this piece.

For the still images, thanks very much to the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona for allowing me access to their wonderful archive of travel albums, especially to Amy Rule, Leslie Calmes, Dianne Nilson, Nancy Lutz and Terry Pitts. Nichole Frocheur has done an amazing job of printing the photographs which make up the album and I am particularly grateful to her for all those last minute emergencies which she gracefully resolved.

Also, huge thanks to George Pawl, Kelly Phillips,David Lorig and Jason Sellers at the ISA Technology Development Group for being wonderful thinkers and fabricators and totally great to work with. And to Anna Vida, assistant videographer and video editor and obtainer of copyrights and permissions for being incredibly wonderful and delightful to work with. I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Assegid Kidane, ISA, Electronic Engineer, and Chris Taylor, ISA assistant Media Lab Manager.

ISA Administrators: Richard Loveless, Director (now retired); Sheilah Britton, Arts Research Administrator; Frances Salas, Business Manager; and Lydia Dancel, Administrative Assistant have all been continually supportive and helpful and earned my undying gratitude. And huge thanks to Dan Collins, acting ISA Director for stepping in and being incredibly supportive and great to work with.

Special thanks to the wonderful models on this project: Ed Fickbohm, Anna Vida, my darling and patient daughter Shana Maziarz, Sheilah Britton, and Frances Salas. A huge thanks to the voice talent: especially Jeannie Shubitz, the voice of the 19th century travel guide, along with Kip Haaheim, and Rosanna Salonia.

Also thanks to Joseph Beals, hardware specialist at the Treistman Center for New Media at the University of Arizona who’s always there with help and advice when the equipment misbehaves, Kathleen Pawl for her fabulous sewing skills, and especially to Mark Klett for his support.

The bulk of the footage used on this project was shot by Patricia Clark, Anna Vida and Carol Flax. For very generously allowing us to use video footage and audio thanks to Bree and Doug Williams; and for additional footage thanks to Bridgestone Multimedia, Chandler, AZ and Center for the Wooden Boat, Seattle, WA.

For equipment loans thanks to: Arizona State University Art Museum; and Treistman Center for New Media, College of Fine Arts, University of Arizona.

This project is made possible in part by a National Endowment for the Arts, Creation and Presentation Grant; Institute for Studies in the Arts, College of Fine Arts, Arizona State University; University of Arizona Research Grant, Office of the Vice President for Research; and University of Arizona, College of Fine Arts Research and Professional Development Incentive Grant.

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