About the Process

This piece was done both in residence at the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University and at the University of Arizona (where I am on the faculty). At both institutions I worked collaboratively with some amazing people and through this process the piece came to fruition.

When I arrived at ISA to begin my residency I had both conceptual and technical notions of what I wanted the piece to be. There was much brainstorming and much trial and error and through an amazingly organic process of working with all the people involved, the piece slowly took form. I've asked each of these people to write abit about their part in this process, since their voices helped to shape the piece, I think it's critical that their voices add to the understanding of the piece as well.

Patricia Clark, Videographer -- Robb Lovell, Programmer

Kip Haaheim, Audio Composer -- Dan Collins, Interim Director, ISA

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